Bienvenidos a la Suiza de Centroamérica!

(Welcome to the Switzerland of Central America!)

Documentary, 28min, 2007

I never thought that I would one day eat cheese fondue in the middle of a tropical country, and that it wouldn't taste THAT bad. Well, obviously when I decided to study abroad in Costa Rica, I had no clue that it is also called "the Switzerland of Central America!". I wanted to run away from my very quiet and too perfect country, then I landed in a so-called “little sister” of it! It wasn’t obvious to me where this nickname came from, so I decided to make my own opinion on the subject.

"Bienvenidos a la Suiza de Centroamérica!" is a funny, non-touristic journey through the habits, history and people of Costa Rica, told from the perspective of a young Swiss filmmaker.

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06/2008: San Jose International Film and Video Festival, Costa Rica.



Protagonists: Andre Fischer, Sonia Gonzales Arriera, Haymo Hayder, Patrick Lehner, Federico Peixoto, Manuela Quiros, Urs Thoma, Doris Waechli.


Direction, Editing, voice over: Annie Gisler

Camera: Cristóbal Serrá Jorquera, Ernesto Valverde, Annie Gisler

Sound: Berenice Guzmán Vázquez, Allan Campos



  • Colour
  • 16:9
  • Language: French / Spanish
  • With subtitles in Spanish
  • Sound: stereo
  • Screening Format:  .mov