Videoclip, 4min, 2011.

Videoclip with a short film flair. Ginette is a young woman who is fascinated by the depths of the ocean. She dreams of joining the Marines and now waits for the results of her exams in a little cheap hotel near the sea.

Client: Yokonoé

Script, direction: Annie Gisler   /   DoP: Géraldine Zosso   /   Art Director: Fanny Dreyer   /   Editors: Titus Buttler, Annie Gisler

ginette tatouage
devant la mare
ginette attend
ginette dans sous-marin



With: Isabelle Haymoz, Anaïs Callot, Pierre Olexa, Eliot, Marinka Limat, Frank Bongni, Benoît Gisler, Le Duy Quan Nguyen, Gilles Zehnder, Adrien Zürcher, Giorgia Scyboz.

First assistant director: Wendy Pillonel
Script Continuity: Gabrielle Haymoz, Martyna Radkòw Flux Daniel

First assistant camera: Meret Madörin
Chef electrician: Jérôme Furrer
Grip and electrician: Victor Felder

Art director assistant: Cosima Frieden
Drawings by: Wendy Pillonel, Isabelle Haymoz, Fanny Dreyer.
Make up: Fabienne Ménétrey

Editor: Titus Buttler

Special Effects: Luca Zuberbühler

Colorgrading: Géraldine Zosso



  • Colour
  • 16:9
  • Language (written): French
  • Subtitles availables: German/ English
  • Sound: Stereo
  • Screening Format:  Apple ProRes/ .mov