We had the pleasure to celebrate the world premiere of “La petite mort” on the 02.10.18 at the Zurich Film Festival. Even if we didn’t win any award, the all experience has been amazing: our projections during the festival went sold out, the feedbacks have been very good and it was so nice to see our film beeing shown to the audience after all this years of hard work.

A warm thank you to all the cast, crew, sponsors, backers, family and friends who helped me all along the process!

ZFF_LPM Crew.jpg
ZFF_Annie Gisler_Maggie Tapert.jpg

We had the chance to meet the audience after the film for a Q&A, together with two of my lovely protagonists, Maggie Tapert and Lada Neoberdina. It was heartening to speak and debate with such an amazing audience. Thank you all for coming <3!

Award Night_Maggie Lada ich.jpg

Special thanks to the ZURICH FILM FESTIVAL team for their work and to KAZU for dressing me up like a movie star <3

"La petite mort" (The little death) will compete at the Zurich Film Festival

I’m very happy to announce that „La petite mort“ will have its official Premiere at the Zurich Film Festival (27.09.-07.10.18). Our film will compete in the Swiss-Germany-Austria section.

Here is the program of the projections: 

2.10.18 – 18.00        Arthouse Piccadilly

3.10.18 – 16.00        Riffraff 3

4.10.18 – 21.30        Riffraff 3                

6.10.18 – 12.45        Corso 4

Spread the word & see you there! 

More informations: https://zff.com/en/archive/22910/

"Lélo l'insoumise" won the price Perspectives d'un doc

Our new project "Lélo l'insoumise" ("Rebellious Lélo") won yesterday the pichting contest "Perspectives d'un doc" at the film festival "Visions du réel" in Nyon, Switzerland!  Thanks a lot to the RTS to believe in our project!

"Lélo l'insoumise" ("Rebellious Lélo") is a feature documentary film project about Lélo Fiaux, a swiss rebellious woman artist (1909-1964) who traveled the world and fighted for her freedom. The film is produced by Francesca Scalisi and Mark Olexa, DOK MOBILE (Switzerland).

We made it!

The crowdfunding campaign for "The little death" was a success!

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The music clip "Brave boy" soon online!

We had a wonderful Première at the Bad Bonn last saturday! With excellent acts from Pamela Mendez, Jawis and of course, Paradisco!

Before the music clip gets online, some screenshots to help you waiting...

Music Clip "Brave boy" for Paradisco

Here some impressions of my last project, a music clip for Paradisco (Switzerland). A intensive, crazy, very enjoyable experience!  Amazing crew, incredible amateur dancers! It was such a thrill for me to direct this music clip for the energetic and talented electro-pop duo Paradisco.

Working on the set with the choreographer Annalena Fröhlich and behind the camera with the artist duo Longatti+Zietlow.

Picture by Pablo Callisaya / Tapir Filmatelier

Picture by Pablo Callisaya / Tapir Filmatelier


Interview about "Célestine"

For the spanish and portuguese speakers, here is the interview I gave about "Célestine" at the Festival Internacional de Curtas Metragens de Sao Paolo, Brazil (2o14).